Background Checks

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Roles and Responsibilities in Conducting Background Checks

HR Liaisons, Managers & Supervisors, and Appointing Authorities

  1. Ensuring that the appropriate background check(s) are conducted on the final candidate for all faculty, administrative professional, state classified and non-student hourly positions, as well as those student, post-doctoral fellow, graduate assistant, clinical psychology intern, veterinary resident and intern, fellowship grant trainee, faculty affiliate, and volunteer positions as outlined in the Policy. This includes initial appointments (new hires) to the university as well as who experience a significant job change via either movement into a new position or assumption of new responsibilities in their current role promotions and transfers of existing university personnel.
  2. Submitting the employee’s or final candidate’s full name, email address, employee type (i.e., faculty, state classified, and student etc.), position title and number, and check(s) to be performed to: Human Resources (HR): or through CSU Talent Management System.
  3. Notifying the employee or final candidate of the type of background check(s) that will be performed and that s/he will receive an electronic communication from HireRight requesting that s/he complete an online background disclosure and authorization form and an applicant self-reported convictions form.
  4. If the employee or final candidate does not have access to a computer or has no email address, the appointing authority is responsible for obtaining completed and signed forms necessary to authorize a background check from the applicant and forwarding these documents to HR following this procedure.
  5. Deciding whether to offer employment to the final candidate based on HR’s review of the background check and resulting recommendation. When HR presents information that may impact the hiring decision, and the appointing authority wants to move forward with the hire contrary to the HR recommendation, the appointing authority must confer with, and secure written authorization from, the cognizant dean or vice president prior to proceeding with an offer of employment. The appointing authority shall forward this authorization to hire to HR before final approval of the appointment can be made.
  6. Notifying the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) of the reason for any decision not to hire the final Candidate for any Academic Faculty or Administrative Professional position and notifying the Human Resources (State Classified Employment) for state classified positions.
  7. Ensuring the appropriate background checks have been completed prior to entering data for new appointments into the personnel/payroll system.

Human Resources

  1. Coordinating the receipt of background disclosure and authorization forms from final candidates or campus departments, coordinating with appointing authorities as needed to determine the appropriate scope of background checks, and requesting the appropriate background check(s) through the third party vendor or other sources.
  2. Reviewing the background check report and advising the appointing authority that the final candidate is cleared or when the final candidate presents a potential risk to the university, discussing such concerns and a recommendation with the appointing authority. Ensuring that the cognizant dean or vice president has approved all such hires prior to approving the appointment in the personnel/payroll system.
  3. Providing written notification to a final candidate who may not be considered for a position based on the results of a background check, including a copy of the consumer report and a specified time period of no less than five (5) days in which to respond.
  4. If the final candidate fails to respond within the specified time period, issuing a second notice informing the final candidate that s/he is no longer being considered for the position.
  5. Reviewing any dispute submitted by a final candidate challenging the accuracy of information contained in the background check.
  6. Serving as the official source of record for background checks by maintaining copies of original background disclosure and authorization documents and reports of investigation completed in support of CSU background check processes.
  7. Implementing and interpreting this policy.