The 2017 FITlife program was a great success!

If you weren't able to attend, you can see what you missed by clicking the links below. Remaining presentations will be available shortly so check back soon.

Financial Education

Cash Management
Examine your spending habits and create a savings plan


Inside Money: Managing Income and Debt
Discover the importance of cash flow and how to use it


Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement
Learn how to produce an income stream for your retirement investment


Fundamentals of Colorado PERA
Hear about the multiple facets of Colorado PERA

Colorado PERA

Planning for Financial Security
Learn about tax planning, risk management, and investment planning


Confident Investing in Any Market
Create and stick to investment strategies regardless of market conditions


Social Security Retirement Benefits
Summary of Social Security and what you should know before retirement

Social Security Administration

Understanding Medicare
Determine when to enroll in Medicare and how it works with other insurance

Center for Medicare Services

Getting on the Right Path
Develop efficient investment and overall financial strategies



Mediterranean Diet
Discover how this plant-based diet can improve your health

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Healthy Eating for Busy Professionals
Receive tips on how to eat appropriately for your fast-paced lifestyle

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Stress Relief

Yoga for the Workplace
Learn how to reduce tension and stress at work by practicing yoga

Liz Atwood

Commitment to Campus & CARE Program
Discover the numerous benefits available to CSU employees

Bob Schur & Emma Chavez

Reduce Stress by Improving Resiliency
Learn how to bounce back from the stress caused by setbacks

CSU Health & Exercise Science

State Employees Wellness Program
Overview of the wellness program available to State Classified employees


Physical Health

What Your Biometric Numbers Mean
Uncover natural ways to change your biometric numbers

Preventive Health Now

Take Care of Your Heart - Know Your Numbers
Gain an understanding of how heart health impacts overall well-being

CSU Health & Exercise Science

LiveHealth Online
Watch a demo of this great online resource available to Anthem enrollees



Who is it For?

Faculty and Admin Pro

State Classified

PERA Members

Faculty and Admin Pros enrolled in an Anthem plan