The annual spring FITlife event is part of a total integrated and comprehensive wellness program. The program provides employees with healthy living tips, general health information, and strategies for securing a financially stable future. Through this event, you gain tools and information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and planning for retirement.


You can view the presentations from the 2018 FITlife event by clicking the links below!

2018 FITlife Presentations

Meditation & Yoga
Start your day off right with some calming yoga and meditation


Reduce Stress by Improving Resiliency
Learn how to bounce back from the stress caused by setbacks

CSU Health & Exercise Science

Inside Money: Managing Income and Debt
Discover the importance of cash flow and how to use it


Sugar - The Not So Sweet Truth
Hear about how sugar can have detrimental effects on overall health

Preventive Health Now

Foods to Fuel Fitness
Navigate information about how nutrition impacts fitness

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Commitment to Campus & CARE Program
Discover the numerous benefits available to CSU employees

Bob Schur & Emma Chavez

Ergonomics for You: Stay Safe and Healthy
Discover the importance of ergonomics and how it impacts overall well-being

Frank Gonzales

Fundamentals of Colorado PERA
Hear about the multiple facets of Colorado PERA

Colorado PERA

Understanding Medicare
Determine when to enroll in Medicare and how it works with other insurance

Center for Medicare Services

Social Security Retirement Benefits
Summary of Social Security and what you should know before retirement

Social Security Administration

Outreach Programs in Health & Exercise Science
Discover the many services provided to CSU employees

CSU Health & Exercise Science

Meal Planning Made Easy
Learn techniques to make homemade meals easier than ever

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Get Started and Save for your Future
Get off to an efficient and confident start to saving for retirement


Anthem's Cost Saving Strategies
Discover tools that can help reduce healthcare costs (Faculty/AP)


State Employees Wellness Program
Overview of the wellness program available to State Classified employees


Managing Student Loan Debt
Discover strategies that can help manage student loan debt