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Mandatory Retirement Plans

...Current Employees



All Faculty, Admin Professionals, Post Doctoral Fellows, Veterinary Interns and Clinical Psychology interns appointed on or after April 1, 1993, are required as a condition of employment under Colorado law to participate in either the University's Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) for Retirement or, in very limited cases, in the Public Employees’ Retirement Plan (PERA) of Colorado, a defined benefit plan.

Only those newly appointed employees with qualifying prior service in Colorado’s PERA retirement system may be eligible to elect to continue membership in that retirement plan. All other new appointees must enroll in the DCP. NOTE: PERA is a separate and independent entity and has the authority to make determinations regarding eligibility for membership. CSU cannot mandate, nor is it responsible for, PERA’s determinations regarding eligibility.




Mandatory DCP Vendor Information


CSU has established relationships with three vendors to provide mandatory DCP retirement accounts for employees.


(800) 642-7131
Account Access Individual Counseling
(800) 842-2009
Account Access Individual Counseling
(720) 962-8016
Account Access Individual Counseling



Employer Contribution


Defined Contribution Plan

The University will contribute an amount equal to 12% (effective 7/1/17) of your covered monthly salary to the DCP accounts of:

  • Regular, Special and Senior Teaching appointments of half-time or greater from date of appointment

  • Temporary Faculty and Admin Professionals, Post Doctoral Fellows, Veterinary Interns, and Clinical Psychology Interns of half-time or greater appointment after one (1) year of continuous service at that level.

To complete one year of service:

  • A 9-month employee must complete 2 consecutive semesters of continuous half-time or greater employment (excluding summer term)

  • A 12-month employee must complete 12 months of half-time or greater employment.

Any interruption in continuous appointment requires the eligible employee to complete one year of service again before CSU will provide the employer match to the DCP.



You may be eligible to participate in PERA if you have:

  • At least 12 months of Public Employees’ Retirement Plan (PERA) of Colorado credited service;

  • Have money in a PERA membership account; and

  • Have not previously elected to participate in an Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) at this or any other public college or university in Colorado, and have not received a retirement annuity from PERA.

If you are now or have previously been a PERA annuitant (even if your annuity is now suspended), and you have not returned to “active’ PERA service in a PERA covered position since you received your last monthly annuity payment, you may not enroll in PERA and must enroll in the DCP Plan.



Receiving Your DCP Money


Faculty & Admin Professional



Termination at or after Age 55

When you leave CSU at or after age 55, you are entitled to your entire DCP account balance. Depending on the DCP investment company and the type of investment you have selected, you may be able to take your account balance as a lump sum payment, in installment payments, or convert it to an annuity which provides monthly payments for life. You can also leave it with the investment company for a distribution at a later date subject to certain limitations established under Federal tax law; or you can roll your account balance into another IRS approved, tax qualified plan.


Termination Prior to Age 55

If you leave CSU prior to "normal" retirement age (55) for any reason other than death or disability:

  • You can leave your account balance in the DCP until age 55 or later. If you choose this option, you continue to have full control over the investment of your account balance according to the provisions of the DCP. When you reach age 55, you can access, depending upon the DCP investment company and type of investment you have selected, your entire account balance in a lump sum, in installment payments, or you can convert your account balance to an annuity which provides monthly payments for life.

  • You can roll your account balance into another IRS approved, tax qualified plan. Other tax-qualified  Plans may include another employer's 401(a) or 401(k) plan, or an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). In order to avoid tax penalties or federal income tax withholding, you must roll your account balance directly from your DCP investment company to another tax qualified plan.

  • If your total account balance is $10,000 or less, you have immediate access to your funds.