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  CSU recognizes the challenges of balancing the demands of a graduate assistantship and parenting a new child. To provide new parents with additional time off to adjust to their new family situation, CSU has implemented a Parental Leave program effective fall semester 2016 for eligible Graduate Assistants.

It is recommended to meet with your department head and discuss your options for taking Parental Leave. Full program details can be found on the Office of Policy and Compliance website or the Human Resources Manual.

Graduate Assistants
Who is eligible?

Graduate Assistants who are enrolled full-time with a minimum .25 FTE assistantship for at least one semester. During the semester in which Leave is requested, the Graduate Assistant must be appointed with a minimum .25 FTE assistantship and be enrolled in the minimum number of Resident Instruction credits required to hold an assistantship. Eligible Graduate Assistants must also be in good academic standing while making satisfactory progress towards completion of their degree.
Who is a parent?
Birth mother, birth father, adoptive parents, Primary Caregivers*, Non-Primary Caregivers

*A Primary Caregiver is the one parent (including the child's mother or father, or the spouse, domestic partner or civil union partner) who has primary responsibility for the care of a child immediately following the birth or adoption of the child into the custody, care and control of the parent for the first time.
How much Parental Leave am I entitled to?
Primary Caregiver: 6 weeks
Non-Primary Caregiver: 3 weeks
How do I apply and what documentation do I need to complete?
An eligible employee should first meet with their department head to notify them of the timing and duration of Leave. The department head will complete the Parental Leave Application and submit it to HR for approval. The parent must send the Medical Certification Form in the case of birth or a letter from the adoption agency in the case of adoption directly to HR. These forms must be completed at least 10 weeks before the birth or as soon as reasonably possible for an adoption.
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