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Classification & Compensation

Non-Student Hourly


Employee Group
Job Titles Payments Time Off Nine-Month
Work Limit
Student at
Other Institution



Employee Group Description

The intended use for the non-student hourly (temporary) employee group

Job Titles

Non-student hourly employees may be hired in a classified or non-classified job class except those listed below. Those hired with a state classified job class must be paid at the grade minimum. Pay grades do not apply to non-classified job classes.

Non-Student Hourly Job Exclusions

Non-student hourly employees may not be appointed to the following jobs.


Assistant Professor 007480
Associate Professor 007450
Clinical Psychology Intern 009930
Graduate Asst 009980
Cooperative Graduate Asst 009985
CVMBS Summer Researcher 009970
FGT Postdoctoral 009991
FGT Predoctoral 009992
Graduate Assistant 009980
Postdoctoral Fellow 009990
Professor 007420
Veterinary Clinician 009960
Veterinary Intern 009940



Regular Wages

Non-student hourly employees cannot be paid less than minimum wage pdf icon.


Non-student houly employees are normally eligible for overtime pay. Refer to the HR Manual, Section 1 pdf icon.

Compensatory Time, Shift Differential, Call-Back Pay

Non-student houly employees are not eligible for compensatory time, shift differential, or call-back pay.

Paid & Unpaid Time Off

Non-student hourly employees are not eligible for paid time off such as vacation, sick leave, or paid holidays.

Nine-Month Work Limit

In any 12-month period (April 2012 to March 2013, for instance) a non-student hourly employee may work only 9 months - this is a per-employee limit so work in one or more departments counts toward the employee's limit, except when a Student at Other Institution form pdf icon is provided.

Student at Other Institution

A Non-Student Hourly may be exempt from the nine-month work limit if they qualify as a student at another institution. Students must be enrolled in a Colorado high school or any institution of higher education on a regular basis, at least half time, in a program that is working towards a degree or certification.  Verification of student status should be submitted to the HR Records by February or October for the school term of the year.