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Employee Group Descriptions

Faculty Graduate
Non-Student Hourly





Administrative Professional

This group includes individuals appointed by the Governing Board as officers of the Board, officers or directors of administrative departments, and all such professional assistants to these officials whose appointments are by Board action. Also included are the professional staff and assistants of the Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension Service, and the Colorado State Forest Service. Certain research positions directly related to the educational process also are included in this category. All administrative professional appointments are at-will.

Administrative professional appointments may be regular, special, or temporary. The hiring process for Administrative Professional positions is coordinated by the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) and open positions are posted online.


This group includes all personnel who carry academic rank (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, faculty affiliate), and certain administrative officers. The hiring process for Academic Faculty positions is coordinated by the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) and open positions are posted online.

Graduate Assistant

Graduate assistants assist with academic programs and research, but are first and foremost students. Assistantships should aid in the orderly progression toward degree goals and not delay or hinder this progression. More complete information on Graduate Assistants is available through the Graduate School.

Non-Student Hourly

It is University policy that non-student hourly (temporary) employment be restricted to those individuals employed to meet unexpected work-loads, to fill a vacant position while the department evaluates their needs for a permanent replacement, or to provide short-term assistance (seasonal workers, returning retirees helping to train their replacement, etc.).

In any 12-month period (April 2012 to March 2013, for instance) a non-student hourly employee may work only 9 months - this is a per-employee limit so work in one or more departments counts toward the employee's limit, except when a Student at Other Institution form pdf icon is provided.

Non-student hourlies are covered by Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Insurance Unemployment Insurance (HR Manual, p. 1-22 pdf icon), and must complete either the PERA Member form pdf icon or the PERA Exclusion form pdf icon.

Other Salaried

Postdoctoral Fellows 009990

Postdoctoral are usually persons who have recently completed their PH.D.s and are engaged to work primarily on research projects. They are not required to enroll as students and their appointments are intended to last no more than three years.

Veterinary Interns 009940

Veterinary Interns are formalized through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the interns are DVM’s completing a one year program that results in receipt of a Certificate of Completion in a specialty area such as small animal medicine or surgery, large animal medicine or surgery, or a combination. They are not required to enroll as students, and their apppointments are full time. Veterinary Internships are one year appointments.

Clinical Psychology Interns 009930

Clinical Pyschology Interns are formalized though the University Counseling Center and the interns are pre-PhD's in Counseling or Clinical Psychology who are typically completing the last requirement of their PH.D. program, the internship, which results in receipt of a Certificate of Completion. They are not required to enroll as students, and their appointments are full time. Clinical Psychology Internships are one year appointments.

Fellowship Grant Trainee 009991 and 009992

Predoctoral FGTs (job class 009991)are not University employees. They may include National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation fellows at the postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate level.

Postdoctoral FGTs (job class 009992) are Postdoctoral Fellows .


State Classified

All permanent employees not included in the Academic Faculty or Administrative Professional groups above are members of the State Classified Personnel System. State Classified positions are filled through the Human Resources Employment Office and all open positions are posted online.

Classified employees include any employee whose position is classified under the State of Colorado Personnel System. Classified job titles, pay grades, and classification information are available online.

Prior to completing the initial 12-month probationary period, classified employees are retirement- and benefits-eligible.

"Selection is based on quality of performance and job related ability as measured by examinations of competency. All applicants must meet minimum requirements for the vacancy in order to be referred or appointed" (R-4-2).


Opportunities to volunteer with and for CSU are posted on Service @ CSU.

Please refer to the background check policy for information on the positions which require a background check.