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Working Retirees

...Faculty & Admin Professional, State Classified Staff



Contributing to the DCP


If you return to work for the University in a faculty/administrative professional appointment (salaried payroll), you must enroll in the University's Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) and Medicare tax will be withheld from your pay. The employer contribution will be reduced by any amount CSU is required to contribute to PERA for PERA retirees.


Post Retirement Benefits

  You may be eligible for certain University post-retirement benefits if you meet the University’s Definition of Retirement and you are not eligible as an active employee for any CSU health plan.

State Classified Employees

  • SB 10-001 Provisions require “working retiree” contributions equal to the member contribution rate for that division from all retirees working for a PERA affiliated employer.

  • SB 10-146 Provisions require an additional 2.5% member contribution amount for all State employees (including retirees) contributing to PERA.