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Abolishment of Positions

HR Liaisons, Managers & Supervisors

Abolishing Vacant Positions

Email HR Records with the following information to request that a vacant position be abolished.

  • Position number
  • Job title
  • Effective date of abolishment
  • Reason for abolishment


Layoff and Retention Rights

As per Department of Personnel Rules, each department must establish a matrix for ranking certified employees within a three-year band. An employee with the lowest ranking must be displaced first, except non-veterans must be displaced before veterans in the time band.

The layoff matrix for Colorado State University is:

Performance 90%
Year of hire within time band 10%


The average of the final overall performance ratings for the latest three years is used for purposes of the matrix. The final overall rating is the yearly rating that the employee receives according to the University's established Performance Management Program. If a rating is missing, the employee's performance rating for the missing year is considered satisfactory.