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State Classified Position Classification

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Positions are classified on the basis of duties and responsibilities to classes described in the State of Colorado Class Descriptions (CDs) which indicate:

  • Title
  • General duties
  • Level of complexity
  • Decision-making
  • Purpose of contact
  • Line/staff authority

The Job Evaluation and Compensation Unit website contains information about the following:

  • Final Class Descriptions (CDs currently in use within the State system)
  • Draft Class Descriptions (CDs in an informal comment period)
  • Proposed Class Descriptions (CDs appealable by directly affected employees)
  • Job Evaluation Letters
  • Minimum Qualifications

Positions Eligible for Review

Assignments may be reviewed for changes in duties and responsibilities which may impact classification if it has been at least 1 year since the last review, or if reorganization within the work unit has caused substantive changes in the assignment. Either a department or an individual may request an audit of a position – to do so, please see instructions for “Initiating a Review” below.  Note that all signatures must be received on a Position Description Questionnaire before a review can be completed.

Initiating a Review

If an employee believes his/her position warrants such a review, he/she should consult with the supervisor and together with the supervisor submit an updated Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) word icon, describing his/her current assignment. Positions requesting movement based upon Staff Authority must submit additional supporting documentation along with the PDQ.

Review Process

The review process takes about 30 days.

The employee's department must review and approve the submitted PDQ and obtain all necessary signatures. Departments requesting audits of vacant positions or creation of new ones must also submit a completed PDQ.

A classification specialist in the Human Resources Employment Office reviews it for completeness and performs a preliminary assessment of the match of assigned duties to the specifications for the job class targeted by the initiator. PDQs which are incomplete are returned to the initiating employee/department with instructions for correction. PDQs for which the preliminary review indicates a possibility of sustainment or lowering of classification will be returned to the employee with a notice indicating such.

Upon completion of the preliminary review, the PDQ may be forwarded for more rigorous analysis by a panel of subject matter experts or verified by a classification specialist. Interviews and/or requests for further information will be conducted with the immediate supervisor as necessary. The requesting employee/department will receive written notice of the outcome upon completion of the process.