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Add a Mailing Address

HR Liaisons

The Oracle HR system does not accomodate storing a W-2 address in addition to the employee's mailing address.

Never delete an employee address from the HR system. Addresses should only be end-dated so new ones can be added.

Navigator screen > CSU Maintain Person > Address

  1. The first address that appears in the Address screen is the employee's current address.
  2. In the Date To field, enter the last date the employee was at this address.
    • Do not uncheck the Primary checkbox.
    • Do not save your changes yet.
  3. Press the down-arrow until you reach a blank address screen.
  4. Enter the employee's new street address and zip code.
    • Do not use the second or third address lines. The entire street address should be entered in the first line. This includes apartment, unit, and/or building numbers.
  5. In the Date From field, enter a date that is one day later than the Date To you entered in Step 2.
  6. Click the Primary checkbox to make the address the primary address from this date forward.
  7. Be sure that the Type is populated with Current Mailing Address.
  8. Save your work and close the Address screen.