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Update Directory Information

HR Liaisons

The Directory Information area in Oracle HR stores data used by the online and printed directories, by the campus DDD listserv, and by Mail Services. A definition of each field is provided below.

Navigator screen > CSU Maintain Person > Special Info > Directory Info

It is not necessary to maintain a history of the data entered in Directory Info, but it's OK to leave historical data in place as long as only one line of data is active at a time (i.e., only one line should be left without a date in the End Date field).

To access Directory Information:

  1. Follow the navigation given above.
  2. Once on the Special Info screen, you'll see a list in the top part of the window which starts with "Additional Faculty Information". Scroll down to Directory Information.
  3. In the Details area, you may:
    1. Edit an existing line of information
    2. End-date the existing line and create a new one by clicking in the first empty line.
  4. Next, click in the Detail field, then click the LOV button [...] at the right end of the field to open the Directory Info window.
  5. Edit the fields as necessary (definitions provided below).
  6. Click OK.
  7. Save your work and close the Special Info window.


Any or all of the following fields can be populated as the employee wishes.

  • Print Address - Determines whether the employee’s home address appears in the printed directory. The home address comes from the People > Address screen.
  • Print Spouse - Determines whether the contents of the Spouse’s Name field appears in the printed directory.
  • Spouse’s Name - If Print Spouse is set to “Yes”, the contents of this field will appear in the printed directory.
  • Additional Work Title - The contents of this field appear in the online and printed directories and is in addition to the employee’s "Job" field on the Assignment screen. This field may be used to identify an employee’s second major function in the department or to further clarify the job class description as it appears on the Assignment screen.
  • Additional Dept Number and Additional Dept Name - If the employee works closely with another epartment on campus, please select the department number from the LOV and enter the department name. The primary department number and name come from the employee’s Assignment screen.
  • Additional Bldg Name, Additional Office Phone, and Additional Room Num - If the employee has a second office, enter the building name, phone number, and office number here. The employee’s primary office building name and room number come from the People screen > Office Details tab. The primary phone number comes from the People screen > Phones button.
  • Mail Option - If the employee’s mail should be delivered to a campus delivery location other than that of his primary assignment, please choose a value from the LOV.
  • Dean, Director, Department Head, and Department Secretary - If any of these fields is “Yes”, the employee will be included in the DDD listserv.
  • Include Associate in Directory - "Yes" in this field causes an associate to appear in the Global Address List with his full name (instead of eName) and to appear in the online directory.
    • If this flag is changed at any time after the associate is originally entered, please contact HR Data Systems with the employee's name and number to ensure that the change goes into effect.