Months of Service

HR Liaisons


The Months of Service field indicates the number of months the person has been paid for work at the University, including work performed as a student employee.

Months of Service is stored in the HR system (Maintain Person > People screen > beermug). This counter is incremented once each month at the following times.

  • Salaried employees - on the first day of any month following a month in which pay was received.
  • Hourly employees - at the time pay is received in any month, but at most only once per month.

Milestone Awards

University Milestone awards are presented based on the Months of Service field described above.

State Classified

State Classified service is tracked according to the state's definition and applies to work performed at any state institution, but only on a State Classified assignment. This number is stored in association with the employee's leave accrual rate information and can be obtained by printing a Leave Balance report.


If an employee believes his months of service to be incorrect, Records can investigate the discrepancy. Please allow at least a week for a response.

  1. Email HR Records details regarding prior service. This information is very important as Records must look through many files stored on microfiche, CD, paper, etc. Examples:
    1. 1983 student hourly
    2. Colorado State Forest Service, 1992 - 1994
  2. Based on the information found, Records will update the employee's months of service in the HR system.
  3. Records will notify the employee and HR liaison when the process is complete.
  4. If the months of State Classified service is revised, past annual leave accruals will be recalculated as needed.