Background Checks

555 S. Howes Street, Suite 213
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6004

(970) 491-6947 (MYHR)

Request a Background Check

The background check process for State Classified, Administrative Professionals and Faculty hires is now conducted through the CSU Talent Management System (TMS). To initiate a background check outside of the TMS, please use the following procedure:

HR Liaisons

An authorized approver for the hiring department must either submit or be copied on an email requesting a background check.

For an Applicant with Access to Email

Please complete the Background Check Request Form.

The applicant will receive an email notification pdf icon once the check has been initiated.

For an Applicant without Access to Email

An electronic form for a background check (see above) must be submitted for all applicants. In the Request Data section of the electronic form, please select Hard Copy.

After the applicant completes the following form, the department must provide the originals to HR Background Checks. Do not keep copies of completed forms in departmental files.