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Graduate Assistant Employees

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Certification Form

Certification forms are required for new graduate assistant assignments and when changing any of the following information on an existing assignment.

The certification form is filed by the department - do not forward the signed form.

  • Department (transfer)
  • Salary
  • Working hours (FTE)
  • Qualifier (GRA, GSA, GTA)
  • Tuition-payment arrangments

Summer Session

Graduate assistants may be hired to work during the summer as long as they were or will be employed by the department the semester prior to or immediately following the summer session.

Regardless of the academic dates, summer session in the HR appointments starts on May 16 and ends on August 15. Employees may work for any period of time within that date range.

An employee can have only one summer session assignment per employee group (ie, an employee may work as an instructor (faculty) and a graduate assistant, but he could not have two graduate assistant assignments.

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