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Reporting Leave

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Reporting Leave in the HR System

  • HR System User Guide, Unit 10 pdf icon
  • Leave Change Request form
    Use to record or amend entries for leave taken during a previous fiscal year or for an employee no longer in your department
  • Oracle_HRMS_Leave Listserv
    Leave-related information for HR Liaisons is sent to this distribution list only. To join, email your request to HR_IS.

Calculating Accruals for Hourly Employees pdf icon

Leave Reports

Because leave balances are not yet available through Employee Self-Service, we rely on HR liaisons to communicate leave balances with employees of their department. These reports are also helpful in reconciling leave balances and reviewing data entered in the HR system's Leave Entry Summary .

For help running reports in the HR system, review the QuickHelp Guide.

  • Leave Balances - Provides fiscal year-to-date totals by month for leave accrued and used. Always run this report for the last day of the fiscal year to ensure complete data.
  • Leave Audit - Provides an itemized list of entries affecting an employee's leave balances. Always run this report for the last day of the fiscal year to ensure complete data.
  • Leave Summary - Provides a single line summary of leave use and accrual for the department. Always run this report for the last day of the fiscal year to ensure complete data.
  • Leave Entry - Provides an itemized list of the lines entered on a particular month's Leave Taken Summary. This is the same report automatically generated when a leave batch is successfully validated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Importing Leave Taken

If your department maintains leave records in a system external to the HR system, your leave entries may be uploaded to the Leave Taken Summary so you don't have to enter the data manually.

  1. Create a file containing the past month's leave data in this format pdf icon.
  2. Open the Leave Taken Summary from the Navigator screen.
  3. Click the Import button.
  4. A new browser window opens and guides you through these steps:
    1. Click Browse and select the file containing your leave data.
    2. Click OK.
    3. Close the browser.
  5. On the Leave Taken Summary screen, click Yes if your file was successfully imported.
  6. Save.
  7. Review any errors that were found during the import.
  8. Enter the Total Hours field.
  9. Click Validate.

Repeating this import process will add lines to your existing batch. It will not overwrite existing data.

Fiscal Year-End Reporting

This information will be updated when year-end leave clean-up and reporting begins.