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Non-Student Hourly Employees

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Child Labor Laws

Non-Discrimination Policy

Since filling temporary positions is delegated to the department, it is essential that department personnel fully comply with the non-discrimination policy.

Nine-Month Work Limit

In any 12-month period (April 2012 to March 2013, for instance) a non-student hourly employee may work only 9 months - this is a per-employee limit so work in one or more departments counts toward the employee's limit, except when a Student at Other Institution form pdf icon is provided.

When an employee has reached the nine month limit (in a twelve month period), a four month break must occur. After the four month break, the count begins again until it reaches nine months in a twelve month period, then another four month suspension applies. Months exempted by an SOI do not qualify as part of a four-month break.

Count the months worked by looking at only the pay period end dates. If an employee works any day within a pay period, the month in which the pay period ends is counted as one month worked.

Day Worked Pay Period End Date Month Counted
4/18/13 4/19/13 April
4/20/13 5/3/13 May

Non-Student Hourly Monitor Report

The Non-Student Hourly Monitor report (run monthly and available in Vista Plus), reflects the count of months worked for each employee in the previous 12 months.

Working Consecutive Months

If the employee is working consecutive months, count nine months from the end date of the first pay period worked. The last day the employee can work is the last pay period which ends in that month.


If an employee's ninth month is March 2013, ensure that the work ceases after 3/22/13 (the last pay period end date in March). Work performed on or after March 23 is not allowed because the end date for that pay period is in April, therefore April will count as the tenth month worked.

Working Non-Consecutive Months

When the employee works sporadically, count the number of months worked this way:

  1. Write down the end dates of any pay period in which the employee worked.
  2. Count the months which appear in your list.
  3. When the count reaches nine, ensure that the employee works only during pay periods which end in that ninth month.

Student at Other Institution

A Non-Student Hourly may be exempt from the nine-month work limit if they qualify as a student at another institution. Students must be enrolled in a Colorado high school or any institution of higher education on a regular basis, at least half time, in a program that is working towards a degree or certification.  Verification of student status should be submitted to the HR Records by February or October for the school term of the year.

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