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Summer Session

HR Liaisons


Employees currently on a 9-month appointment or those whose 9-month appointment will begin fall are eligible for a summer session appointment.

Assignments for graduate assistants and admin professionals must be in the same department as the 9-month assignment.

9-Over-12 Employees

Summer session eligibility rules for employees on a 9-over-12 contract (9 months wages paid over 12 months) are the same as a 9-month employee.

Payment Guidelines

Click the link above for information regarding:

  • Minima and maxima
  • Disbursing payments
  • Changes (on-time and retroactive)


Auto Base Pay Update (ABPU)


Use the "ABPU?" flag on the CSU Summer Session Changes form (on the right) to indicate which appointment amounts should be automatically increased by the same percent the employee's 9-month salary was increased through SALX.

Changes to this flag for any summer appointment must be fully approved in time for the July payroll run.

Changes made to this flag after the start of July payroll processing will have no effect on appointment amounts. Any additional increases that need to be made after this deadline should be entered as any other summer session assignment change, either by entering a new appointment or by increasing the amount of an existing appointment.

Still have questions?  Please refer to the ABPU Q&A.


Start Date

Summer session dates for HR appointments do not coincide with academic summer session dates.

  • New summer session assignments for existing employees always start on 16-May-20XX (where XX is current year).
  • When entering a new hire (faculty, admin professional, or grad assistant) during summer session, you may use the actual hire date when entering the new hire. But consider using 16-May-20XX if either of the following situations may occur:
    • The employee begins working earlier than expected
    • Grant money becomes available which allows a person’s unpaid position to become paid earlier than expected.

Appointment Dates

Oracle calculates summer session based upon the days per month.  In order for equal payments to be made for full summer session, enter summer session lines in Oracle is by month (May 16 - May 31, June 1 – June 30, July 1 – July 31, August 1 – August 15).  If a person is partial summer session, you can make an entry for each month in which they are to be paid.

To make changes to a current month after the initial summer session action is submitted, update the existing line rather than adding an additional line. 



Click the link above for information on:

  • Last Year's Accounts
  • This Year's Accounts
  • Next Year's Encumbrances
  • “13” Accounts


Reactivate Existing Summer Session Assignment

Always reactivate an existing summer session assignment when possible, rather than creating a new concurrent assignment. To start this process, zoom the assignment to open the Assignment Changes form. Click here for further instructions.

A new assignment is needed only when the existing assignment is:

  • In a different department
    • Before creating a new assignment for a faculty or admin professional, obtain approval from the Office of Equal Opportunity (regular faculty excepted).
  • For a different employee group (i.e., faculty instead of admin professional)

Terminating Summer Session Appointments

Summer session appointments remain active through September while payments are finalized. During this time you may continue to enter and edit appointments.

In late September, HR sets all assignments to “End Summer Session” status. Changes after this time requires a PFD-Summer Session form to be submitted to HR Records.

Summer Session-Only Employees


For faculty employed during summer session only, create a summer session assignment or reactivate the existing one. Include the annual salary equivalent in the Creator Comments area.

Graduate Assistant

Graduate assistants who work during the summer only must be employed on a 12-month assignment. (“12-month” indicates the salary basis only, not the length of the appointment.) Grad assistants are not eligible for a summer session assignment without a 9-month assignment.

Information & Assistance

Certification Forms

Certification forms for are not required for summer session assignments.


When an employee is paid on more than one assignment, each assignment is taxed separately, as if the earnings paid are the only payment received by the employee. Employees working during the summer may want to update their W-4 form and/or speak with a tax advisor.

Double Deductions

Double deductions refer to faculty and admin pro benefit premiums for 9-month employees. Nine-month employees are considered to be active year-round and, therefore, are covered under the University’s insurance plans year-round.

Since some 9-month employees will have no earnings in June and July from which Payroll can deduct premiums, double deductions are withheld from all 9-month faculty and admin pro compensation in April and May.

Employees on a 9-Over-12 contract are excluded from double deductions since they continue to receive payments on a monthly basis.