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Troubleshooting a Timeclock

HR Liaisons


Click the error message or behavior for possible remedies.


Can't Add New Account to Timeclock Locations > Projects

Before adding a new account to the Timeclock Locations screen, it must be entered on a Labor Distribution (and saved) first.

Can't Complete Clock-In (Web Timeclock)

Ensure employee is not using Google Chrome to sign into the timeclock.

"Error: Job Not Found"

You may encounter this error when trying to add an entry on a blank line in the CSU Timecard Approval screen. Please use the following work-around:

  1. Ask the employee to clock in at the usual timeclock.
  2. In CSU Timecard Approvals, edit the new entry as needed.

"Invalid ID/Location"

Invalid ID?

  1. Ensure that the employee is using the correct CSU ID to clock in. In the HR system, the CSU ID is stored in the People screen (CSU Maintain Person) beermug (bottom right corner) as the "Banner CSU ID". If the student has been assigned two CSU IDs, please email the employee name and both CSU IDs to HR IS.
  2. Ensure that the employee has an active and approved assignment as described in "Approved Hours Not Transferred".

Invalid Location?

  1. Ensure that the employee's Assignment > Location field matches the Timeclock Locations > Clock Locations > Location field.

"No Valid Projects for Employee"

Before an employee can use a timeclock, at least one account on his Labor Distribution must be set up on the clock he's using - in CSU Timeclock Locations > Location Projects. If this is not the case:

"ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows"

This error means that Oracle doesn't know what to do with the existing records when an employee tries to clock in or out.

  1. Find the employee's records in the Timecard Approval screen.
  2. Find the two records without a blank Date/Time Out.
  3. Use the red X on the toolbar to delete one of the entries, or put in the correct clock-out time.
  4. Ask the student to try clocking in once more.

"SQRA-01427: Single-Row Subquery"

This indicates an error in the timeclock setup for your department. Please email the following to HR IS:

  • Error
  • Timeclock name
  • DNS name
  • IP address

Supervisor Unable to See Employee's Hours

If a timeclock supervisor is unable to see the timeclock hours for an employee in CSU Timecard Approval, the supervisor is probably not "linked" to the appropriate projects on the relevant timeclock. Please refer to "Add/Link Supervisors and Projects".

Time Column Shown in Red

In CSU Approvals, the Time column will display in red:

  • If the one or more entries overlap
  • If the number of hours worked in one entry is more than 8

Timeclock Fails to Connect

If TeraTerm attempts to connect, displays the IP address or DNS name, and then closes, the timeclock is not set up correctly in the HR system. Please email the following to HR IS:

  • Error
  • Timeclock name
  • DNS name
  • IP address

Total Hours Incorrect for Approved Hours

Normally the Total Hours field is a sum of the Week 1 and Week 2 fields, and the Week 1 and 2 fields are a sum of the approved timeclock hours of the first and second weeks of the current pay period.

These fields may appear to be incorrect in a few cases.

  • During the first few days of a new pay period, while the last pay period's hours are being finalized, these fields display information for the previous pay period.
  • If a timeclock supervisor has not been linked to all of the projects an employee uses to clock in, the supervisor will see totals that appear too high because the complete list of entries is not being displayed.
  • If the employee is clocking hours worked in another department, the supervisor will not be able to see those hours.