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HR Liaisons


Timeclocks are used to record hours worked by hourly employees and to simplify the payroll process. They eliminate the need for employees to complete time sheets.

Supervisors are granted access to review, edit, and approve timeclock entries. This can be done at any time.

Payroll processes timeclock hours for non-student hourly, student, and State Classified hourly employees.

Timeclocks may be implemented department-wide or for certain groups only.

Timecards are automatically archived to Vista+ after three months and are retained for 11 years.



Get Started!

Ready to dive in? Consider getting only your feet wet first. Going through the complete set-up process on a small scale will keep things simple and easier to understand.

Select a group in your department with a pioneering attitude to help work out the bugs for those who are less willing to make changes. After using it for a pay period, start bringing others on board.

1. Choose an Interface

Decide on the best way for your employees to access timeclocks. Software installation is required in some cases and you may need assistance from your department's tech support.

2. Tell Us About the Timeclocks

Please email this info to HR Data Systems so we can set up your clocks in the HR system:

  1. The name of the department which employs those who will use the timeclock.
  2. The DNS and IP address of the device to be used as a timeclock. (For web or portal timeclock setup, just tell us which one you're setting up.)
  3. A descriptive name for the timeclock. (For web timeclocks, skip this step.)
  4. The Location field (on the Assignment screen) of the employees using the clock. In most cases, this is your department's default location in the HR system.
  5. The name of the HR liaison who will manage the timeclocks.
  6. Contact info for the tech support person assisting with setup.

Once we've completed setup for the new clocks, we'll notify the HR liaison and tech support. Meanwhile, continue with Step 3 below.

3. Request Access for Supervisors

While supervisors must be granted access to the HR system, their access can be restricted to the small amount of relevant information by selecting the Timeclock option in section 3 of the HR system access form pdf icon. Full (read/write) and query-only access also allow a person to approve timeclock hours.

4. Get Acquainted

Timeclocks are not complicated, but you may not find them to be intuitive either. Take time to understand how the pieces of the Timeclock Locations screen work together. You'll use this screen to keep your timeclocks updated.

5. Set up Accounts & Projects

Enter the accounts to which timeclock hours may be charged.

5. Make It Match

Prepare the timeclock for employees to use.

6. Link Your Supervisors

Add supervisors to approve hours.