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TimeClock Plus

[Page updated 2/27/2017]
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Colorado State University is in the process of configuring and implementing TimeClock Plus for time tracking and leave tracking across campus.

Current Project Status

The system has been configured for the pilot group. They can currently access the system. The pilot will officially being March 1. Information Systems is developing the interface between TimeClock Plus and the HR system. TimeClock Plus is developing some last pieces of our system.

Usage Guides (PDF format)

Note: currently, only the pilot group (Soil and Crop Sciences and the College of Agricultural Sciences office) can access the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the campus switch to TimeClock Plus?
We plan to have on-campus time-keeping (hourly and non-exempt salary) employees using the system by the end of Spring 2017. Employees only required to enter leave in the system will be added by July 2017.

Will departments have to pay for TimeClock Plus?
TimeClock Plus will be centrally funded, and use of the web interface and smartphone app (iOS and Android) to clock in and out are available for free. If a department wishes to purchase a physical time clock, that cost and maintenance responsibility is the department's.

Who will be required to track time and leave in TimeClock Plus and how?
All hourly (bi-weekly payroll) employees will clock in and out of the system. Non-exempt salaried employees will complete an electronic timesheet (day worked and number of hours, not specific start and stop times). Non-exempt salaried employees also have the option of clocking in and out. Employees eligible for Sick Leave and/or and Annual Leave will enter leave requests in TimeClock Plus. Other types of informational leave (that do not affect Sick or Annual Leave balances), including Parental Leave, Jury Duty, Leave Without Pay, Bereavement Leave, Military Leave and FMLA Leave will be entered into TimeClock Plus by department HR staff.

Will employees be able to view their leave balances in TimeClock Plus?
Current leave balances will be viewable in TimeClock Plus, and employees will be restricted from requesting leave that would reduce their balance below zero. Due to the current complexities of leave accrual, TimeClock Plus will not project employee leave balances into the future.

Will Compensatory Time be banked and taken through TimeClock Plus?
Yes, but the functionality is being introduced in March, so we have not yet had a chance to configure it and learn specifics. It will be in place when the system is released to campus.

What are the user roles in TimeClock Plus?
The four user roles are Employee, Manager, Department HR, and Admin. Department HR will be able to view and enter time and leave manually for employees within their department(s).

What reports will be available through TimeClock Plus?
There are many reports available through the system. Not all are automatically available, because the number would be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Available reports and examples can be viewed on the TimeClock Plus website. If you would like one of these reports to appear on our system that doesn't currently, email


Who will approve time entries and leave requests in TimeClock Plus?
An employee's supervisor (on their assignment in Oracle) will automatically be able to approve any time entered or leave requested on that assignment. Additional approvers (Managers) for a time clock project can be specified on the new Time Clock Project form being developed in Oracle.

If an employee has worked on several different projects within an assignment, will multiple supervisors have to approve the time?
The way that TimeClock Plus is configured right now, a supervisor can approve any of the hours that are on the assignment (for any project). However, a supervisor should only approve the time that they can confirm the employee working, so multiple approvers may need to approve time on one assignment.

Clocking In and Out

How can employees clock in/out if they are out of cell phone range?
The TimeClock Plus smartphone app allows employees to clock in and out even if they are out of cell phone range. They just have to be within range and open the app before the end of the pay period so that the app can sync up with the system. There is also an option to clock in/out by dialing a phone number, so they could potentially use a landline or satellite phone instead.

Time Clock Projects

Can projects in TimeClock Plus be associated with an accounting split?
TimeClock Plus projects can include up to five accounts with different percentages totalling 100%, and a single assignment can clock into different projects with different accounting splits with the amounts calculating correctly in Payroll.

Time Clock Security

Will clocking actions be authenticated using eID credentials?
The web-based time clock will require eID authentication. The physical time clocks (pin entry, card swipe, proximity reader, etc.) will not require eID credentials.

Can a supervisor or department HR staff member see where an employee was when he or she clocked in or out?
Yes. Each clock-in/out action is marked in the system with either the location of the clock (if the employee uses a physical time clock), a public-facing IP address associated with an area of campus or a building (if the employee uses the web interface on a computer), or an approximate geographical location (if the employee uses the smartphone app).

Can a department restrict employees to using a specific time clock?
We can configure within the system that employees are only allowed to use one or more specific physical clocks for a particular department or project. We can also place restrictions around using the web interface or the smartphone app.

Purchasing Physical Time Clock

What physical time clocks are available?
All time clock options have a touch-screen display, and employees can use it to punch-in/out, receive any messages sent through the system, view their hours for any pay period, view their schedule (if set up by department) and more. All clocks have PIN entry to allow employees to clock in/out. Available features to add to a time clock are:

  • Magnetic Swipe: swipe a RamCard to clock in/out
  • Proximity: wave a RamCard near a small peripheral next to the time clock to clock in/out
  • Biometric: confirm your identity by placing a finger on a scanner
  • Camera: takes and stores a picture when an employee clocks in/out for identity verification

How much do physical time clocks cost and where can I purchase them?
We have been asked not to post prices online as they are subject to change. Please contact for the most recent pricing sheet and to purchase, contact:
Mike Bowman, Enterprise Sales Manager
800-749-8463 ext. 7614