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Paid Time Off - FAQ

HR Liaisons

See also the leave-related FAQ for employees.

How do I receive updates and reminders regarding leave processing?

If you are on the Oracle HRMS Leave listserv, you will receive automated emails for both. Pay close attention to the emails as they will indicate whether it is about accruals or leave taken.

The HR System does not allow me to enter leave taken. What do I do?

First, read the error message that is associated with the entry line. Examples include:

  • An employee may not use leave prior to accruing it. If the employee used more sick or annual leave hours than were available, he may need to be placed in a Leave Without Pay status.
  • If an employee transferred departments or terminated employment prior to leave usage being entered, the department should complete the Leave Change Request Form and send to HR Records for manual entry.

If you have any questions on leave entry or do not understand why an error message has occurred, please email HR Records.

How do I make changes to a prior fiscal year?

Leave changes that cannot be entered into the HR System, such as prior fiscal year changes, must be entered on the Leave Change Request Form . In addition, the fiscal year-end leave report must have the changes marked appropriately and a new department head or authorized approver signature must be obtained and forwarded to HR Records.

How is Family Medical Leave (FML) usage recorded?

FML can be annual, sick, leave without pay, or any combination. All annual or sick leave should be recorded in the typical fashion using “Leave Taken” elements. These elements will deduct leave usage from the employee’s leave balances.

In addition, you will need to create an entry for “FMLA” that reflects all hours of leave which qualify. The “FMLA” entry does not affect the employee’s leave balances.