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Leave Reporting Responsibilities

Current Employees, Managers & Supervisors

Employee Responsibilities

  • Obtain approval from your supervisor before using leave, whenever possible.
  • Accurately report actual leave use to your supervisor.
  • Use leave in accordance with University and State rules and policies.
    • "Borrowing" unaccrued leave from future months is prohibited.
    • When an employee must be out of the office but has no accrued leave to cover the absence, he should discuss the use of Leave Without Pay with his supervisor.
  • Maintain accurate records of leave taken.

Employer Responsibilities

  • Approve leave (i.e., annual, sick, funeral, military, jury duty, family medical) consistent with University and State rules and policies.
  • Apply leave practices consistently and fairly.
    • Exceptions may occur when an individual employee is under corrective or disciplinary action.
  • Maintain accurate records of leave approved and taken.
  • Update leave requests as circumstances dictate.
  • Report employee leave use in the HR System monthly.
  • Notify employees of and maintain records in accordance with the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), when applicable.


Further Guidelines

  • The use of administrative leave for State Classified employees not specifically authorized in the HR Manual, Section 3 pdf icon requires the approval of the HR Director.
  • Refer to the Academic Faculty& Administrative Professional Manual, Section F for information on the use of administrative or special leaves for Faculty and Administrative Professional employees.
  • Generally, leaves (paid or unpaid) are not authorized for other types of employees. Exceptions may include:
    • Family Medical Leave (FML)
    • Military Leave