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TimeClock Plus

Colorado State University's new time and leave system is called TimeClock Plus. The system will go live on June 24, 2017 for hourly employees and July 1, 2017 for salaried employees. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information not related to training. If you have remaining questions, please contact Most employees use the system:

  • All hourly (bi-weekly payroll) employees will clock in and out of the system
  • Non-exempt salaried employees will complete an electronic timesheet (day worked and number of hours, not specific start and stop times)
  • Employees eligible for Sick Leave and/or Annual Leave will enter leave requests in TimeClock Plus
  • Department HR staff monitor approvals and create other types of informational leave (that do not affect Sick or Annual Leave balances), including Parental Leave, Jury Duty, Leave Without Pay, Bereavement Leave, Military Leave, and FMLA Leave

The employee training resources are divided into three sections, and not all may apply to your position:

  • Clocking In and Out (for hourly, bi-weekly employees and optionally for non-exempt, salaried employees)
  • Electronic Timesheet (for non-exempt, salaried employees)
  • Requesting Leave (for leave-eligible employees, except for Postdocs)

Entry and Approval Deadlines

Training Guides (Videos and Documents)

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Introduction - Who Uses TimeClock Plus and Why?

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Introduction - Who Uses TimeClock Plus and Why?

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