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TimeClock Plus - Test Employees

Test employees, a test supervisor, and test Department HR user are now available for testing and training purposes. You can log in as these employees and managers to test the clock in/out features, electronic timesheet, approvals, etc. Please review online training materials or attend an in-person training before attempting to experiment in the system. Also be aware that there may be performance issues or confusion caused by multiple people attempting to log in as these users at the same time.

Log in using the CSU ID at

  • CSU ID 888777001, Leia Organa, Exempt Admin Pro
  • CSU ID 888777002, Lando Calrissian, Exempt Admin Pro
  • CSU ID 888777003, Luke Skywalker, State Classified Hourly
  • CSU ID 888777004, Han Solo, State Classified Non-Exempt Salaried
  • CSU ID 888777005, Chewbacca, Student (one assignment and two projects)
  • CSU ID 888777006, C-3PO, Student (one assignment and four projects)
  • CSU ID 888777007, R2-D2, Student (two assignments)
  • CSU ID 888777008, Biggs Darklighter, (two assignments with two projects on each)

Supervisor Log in using User ID "KENOBI1" and password "PW888778001" at

Department HR Log in using User ID "YODA" and password "PW888778002" at