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Umbrella Rx Plan

Faculty & Admin Professional


Effective July 1, 2009, future enrollments in the PERA Medical Subsidy Plan (the “Subsidy Plan”) and the Umbrella Rx (the “Umbrella Plan”) shall be restricted to those academic faculty and administrative professional staff participating in the PERA retirement plan and holding benefits eligible appointments on June 30, 2009, who meet the University’s definition of “retirement” at the time of separation from the University, and who meet the eligibility criteria for the Subsidy Plan and/or the Umbrella Plan subsequent to separation. 

Reappointments of eligible employees after July 1, 2009, without a break in service will not affect continued eligibility for the PERA Medical Subsidy and/or the Umbrella Rx programs.


The Umbrella Rx Plan is designed to provide reimbursement for prescription drugs. The Umbrella Rx Plan benefits are a supplement to the benefits paid under your PERA Medicare coverage prescription plan.

You are eligible for the Umbrella Rx plan if you are enrolled in a qualifying PERA Medicare Supplement Plan.  Coverage under the Umbrella Rx plan is fully subsidized by CSU for eligible retirees age 65 and older with 10 or more years of CSU service. 

Umbrella Rx coverage may be purchased by retirees for their eligible dependents (or themselves, if they have at least 5 years but less than 10 years of CSU service).

It is your responsibility to notify the CSU Benefits Office of:

  1. Your initial enrollment in a PERA Medicare supplement plan (Note: once enrolled, you cannot add your spouse/dependents outside of the annual open enrollment period in the fall for coverage effective the following January 1st unless you experience a qualifying life event), and;
  2. Any subsequent PERA Medicare supplement plan changes within 30 days of the effective date of the change. 

If you cease being a participant in a PERA Medicare supplement plan and re-enroll at some point in the future, your Umbrella Rx will not be re-instated until you notify the CSU Benefit Office to reinstate your Umbrella Rx. Enrollments are not retroactive and will begin the first of the month following receipt of the required enrollment verification.  No retroactive payments will be made.