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Pre-Retirement Counseling

...State Classified


  • Definition of Retirement
    Information on eligibility for and the definition of retirement from Colorado State University.


Initiate CSU Retirement

  • Contact PERA at (800) 759-7372 to request your PERA benefit estimate (monthly annuity/cash value) and retirement packet, which includes the forms required to commence your PERA retirement benefit.

  • Call the CSU Benefits Office at (970) 491-MyHR (6947) to schedule an in-person or phone appointment 60 to 90 calendar days prior to your anticipated retirement date.


Sick & Annual Leave Payout


Upon retirement, State Classified employees are paid ΒΌ of their unused sick leave upon retirement, up to your individual cap. Sick leave is not subject to PERA contributions.

State Classified employees are paid annual leave up to the maximum accrual allowed based upon years of service.

Years of Service Max Payout (Days)
6 to 10 30
11 to 15 36
16+ 42

Note: Leave balances are provided to Human Resource Services by your department.